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Incorporate Native Plants and Replace Invasive
Non-native Plants

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Native Plant Growers Team

Factsheets - Alternatives to Invasive Plants
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          Native Plants in Your Garden
          Ornamental Pollinator Garden is

                  not an Oxymoron
          Invasives or Natives

What's in Your Garden - Interactive Quiz

Plant Virginia Natives

Virginia Invasive Plant Species

           VA Dept. of Conservation &


Whereas HB1998, passed by the Virginia Legislature and signed into law by Governor Youngkin in April, 2023, requires state agencies to prevent introduction of invasive species and to procure, use, and maintain native species to replace invasive species, GPMGA (as an extension of a state agency) will take steps to uphold this law.  Any remaining invasive plants in GPMGA demonstration gardens will be removed and replaced as soon as possible.  In addition, GPMGA encourages all our volunteers to follow the same guidance in our personal gardens.     Adopted by the GPMGA Board on May 1, 2023

Virginia Bluebells.  Photo Credit: GPMGA Volunteer
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